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Introducing the Mining Sustainability Summit

SOOP team members hosting sustainability in mining event

Our Mining Sustainability Summit membership is designed exclusively for Chief Sustainability Officers (or if your organization doesn’t have one, the CEO or COO would benefit from this), VP level (VP Sustainability, IR, or Projects) as well as for Board members, (for example, the Chair of the ESG Committee). The responsibility for ESG in your organization rests with you and you are committed to making a difference both for your company and for the greater good.

Sustainability leaders asked us for a platform where they could come together, be informed about the latest updates in the world of ESG, and exchange ideas and challenges in a confidential setting, and we listened.

The Mining Sustainability Summit will empower members to take a strategic approach to business sustainability in your organizations.  Members will  gain access to a wealth of expertise and resources that will allow you to thrive in the rapidly changing world of mining and sustainability.

SOOP differentiates from the rest because they all have significant experience in the mining industry in sustainability, and it shows.

- SOOP Client

Membership Benefits:

You will have full access to the Mining Sustainability Summit private forum for 12 months (April 1, 2024-March 31, 2025), including invitation-only sessions, a curated library of the latest resources, and 20 hours of personalized consultation from SOOP (see below). Option to renew membership annually.

Exclusive Meetings

Network, learn and collaborate with your industry peers at an annual in-person session (during PDAC), and a second, virtual meeting in the fall. Both meetings will take place in a confidential setting where Chatham House rules apply and all participants will be requested to sign an NDA.

SOOP team members hosting sustainability in mining event
SOOP team members hosting sustainability in mining event

Library of ESG Resources

An extensive library of resources that address diverse ESG needs as they relate to mining. Gathered in one convenient location for you to access 24/7, saving you valuable time researching, and allowing you to focus on your priority projects.

20 Hours of Dedicated Consultation

Access our expert team's personalized guidance throughout the membership year, for projects such as:

Planning the framework for an ESG strategy or undertaking an assessment of your current ESG strategy.

Benchmarking against your industry peers.

Guidance on application of regulatory expectations.

Let us reach out to your stakeholders (i.e., investors, community, suppliers) to understand their perception of your company from an ESG risk perspective.

Critical assessment of your sustainability reporting needs.

Board and/or executive workshops in ESG.

SOOP team members hosting sustainability in mining event

Regular Curated Updates

Stay informed with the latest developments in ESG regulations and industry-specific articles, ensuring your decisions are based on the most up-to-date information available.

Investing in Your Expertise

The Mining Sustainability Summit membership is an investment in your role as an expert and in the success of your company.

Your Investment: US$5,000



Cancellation Policy: In the event you are not fully satisfied with the Mining Sustainability Summit, SOOP guarantees to give you a full refund of your membership fee if you cancel within 90 days of registration. Simply contact us by email or phone.

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"The process that SOOP designed for us was customized to our goals and needs. We appreciated their agility and creativity to adapt the process as needed.”

- SOOP Client

SOOP team members hosting sustainability in mining event


To give you additional insight into practical sustainability strategies that can be integrated throughout your company, you will receive, upon registration, a copy of Integrating Sustainability into Major Projects: Best Practices and Tools for Project Teams written by SOOP’s own Sabrina Dias. It provides project teams and sustainability experts with the practical advice, tools and resources needed to create better projects, leading to a more profitable business.

Yours to keep, even if you cancel your membership. Value: $126.95