Terms of Service


The purpose of the Mining Sustainability Summit (“MSS” or the “Summit”), hosted by SOOP Strategies Inc., is to convene mining industry leaders to discuss the critical role of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the mining industry, to keep them abreast of the latest developments in sustainability/ESG within the extractives sector, and to provide a forum for mutual support in mining and sustainability, all within a confidential setting. 

The Summit will provide a platform for participants to learn about key opportunities and challenges related to ESG factors, to share their insights, perspectives, and experiences related to this subject, and to brainstorm solutions or opportunities together.


  • To identify key opportunities and challenges related to ESG factors in the mining industry and to share/discuss potential strategies to address them.
  • To explore emerging trends, best practices, and innovations related to ESG factors in the mining industry.
  • To provide a forum for mining executives to share with peers their experiences and perspectives on the critical role of ESG factors within the mining industry.
  • To foster collaboration and networking among mining industry leaders and experts.
  • To provide personalized support to each member through 20 hours of guidance/consultation with the SOOP Strategies team, examples of which include: 
    • High-level assessment of a member’s current ESG strategy
    • Critical assessment of current policies, goals, metrics, etc.
    • Guidance on reporting and/or regulatory expectations
    • Assessing a member’s sustainability reporting needs
    • Benchmarking against industry peers
    • ESG awareness sessions for Board/executives/teams
    • Consulting on investor relations and ESG communication strategies


  • The Summit will be attended by a select group of mining executives, representing a diverse range of organizations, size and market capitalization, stage of development/operations, and regions.
  • The participants will be invited based on their expertise and leadership in the mining industry and their interest in contributing to the discussion.
  • Once registered, members will be invited to create a profile on the membership site with the option of allowing other members to view their contact information.



  • The Summit will be held in a closed-door, invitation-only format.
  • The Summit will be coordinated, managed, and facilitated by SOOP Strategies Inc. who will guide the discussion and ensure that all participants have an opportunity to share and be heard.
  • The Summit will consist of a series of focused discussions, each exploring a specific aspect of ESG factors in the mining industry, sometimes as determined by the needs of the members.
  • Members will be encouraged to share their insights and experiences, and to engage in a constructive dialogue with each other.
  • There will be two meetings per year (one in person in March, preferably the Sunday afternoon of the PDAC Convention, and a virtual meeting to take place in the fall. The fall meeting will be recorded for those not able to attend live, and the recording will be made available to all members after the event.)
  • The in-person Summit will be followed by a networking reception, providing participants with an opportunity to continue the conversation and to build new relationships.


  • The output of the Summit events will be a summary report, capturing the key insights, perspectives, and recommendations that emerged from the discussion.
  • The report will be distributed to all members and will remain confidential.
  • The report will serve as a resource for members in their roles as mining industry leaders. 
  • Other outputs as determined and agreed upon by the members. 
  • The members will have access to a library of curated resources specifically relevant to the mining industry.
  • Members will receive regular updates of the latest ESG information affecting the mining industry.
  • Each member will be entitled to 20 hours of consultation with SOOP Strategies on an ESG project as outlined above in the section entitled “Objectives.”


  • The in-person Summit will be held in Toronto at a venue to be determined.
  • The length of the in-person Summit may range from a couple of hours to a half-day, depending on the agenda.
  • Refreshments and meals will be provided for participants.