What is Sustainability?

Someone once asked me, “How do you explain sustainability to your 6-year-old son?”

And this is how my interview started… At our core we all want to be seen, heard, treated with kindness, and be trusted. The same for corporations and those who run them. Our clients work hard towards #sustainability in #mining, an industry with a very negative reputation. We work with our clients to build strong and cohesive sustainability processes, build internal capacity, and to share their #business and #sustainability story effectively, which helps build credibility and trust with employees, communities, investors. A #SustainabilityReport is a milestone – not the end – in a corporation’s business and sustainability program. It is part of the process to assess #ESG performance and to plan next steps.

We are #MiningandSustainability specialists, SOOP Strategies Inc. Video credit to mining media specialists, PENDA Productions Inc.

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Integrating Sustainability Into Major Projects

With the growing need for sustainability management on large resource, infrastructure and power projects, this book presents project teams and sustainability practitioners with the practical advice, tools, and resources they need to create better projects. It offers extensive guidance for influencing stakeholders to integrate sustainability into project delivery. In each chapter, the authors provide invaluable sustainability management tools, such as, sample project engineering workflows, a stakeholder engagement spectrum diagram, a sample permit tracker, and a constraints mapping diagram.

Integrating Sustainability on Major Projects: Best Practices and Tools for Project Teams begins by introducing readers to the topic, as well as the common terminology. It then offers readers an overview of major projects, covering types of projects and project structures, the key players, and how to manage time and space. Next, it looks at standards and guidelines, followed by chapters on: Project Management; Managing Risk and Opportunity; Sustainability Management Tools; Approvals and Permits; Design; Procurement; Construction Management; Commissioning; and more.

    • Provides analysis tools and resources that practitioners and project teams can use to successfully integrate and manage sustainability on major projects including industrial and infrastructure projects
    • Guides readers on how to influence stakeholders and develop sustainability programs that support project financing
    • Includes case studies and expertise from actual sustainable project practitioners and the authors’ professional experience
    • Leads practitioners through the major project types and their typical components, structure, and timelines, and demonstrates how sustainability can be incorporated into each type

Integrating Sustainability on Major Projects provides the tools major project teams need to successfully integrate sustainability into project management, making it an ideal book for sustainability practitioners and project teams working on major resource, power, or infrastructure projects. It would also benefit graduate students in sustainable engineering, sustainability management, or environmental design and architecture.

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

These are very surreal and uncertain times. So we want to give some comfort to our clients, friends and colleagues about how SOOP Strategies is navigating COVID-19 to protect our team and our clients, and continue to bring the best of our abilities, services and care to you.

1) All SOOP team members are working from home offices. This is a seamless transition for us as we are used to practicing telecommuting.

2) We are moving all in-person meetings with each other and with our Clients to virtual platforms. Zoom has been our conference application of choice. We invite and encourage the use of video for our conference calls. Most everyone is on lock-down and isolation can creep up on a person and affect our mental states. Comfy clothes, yoga pants, and pajamas are welcome attire. As are welcome interruptions from children, dogs, cats, and other home comforts. 🙂

3) We promise to keep our communication channels open with you, to keep you updated on how the SOOP team is doing and how we will continue to support each other so that we can seamlessly continue to support you. Our core team is further supported by wonderfully talented and passionate sustainability advisors and specialists. Our internal operations are structured so that SOOP team members can seamlessly crossover from one project to another if and when we need to cover for each other. But we all hope for the best and we strengthen that hope with super-frequent hand-washing, zero face-touching, social distancing, self isolation, and quarantine.

4) We are proudly working with Covergalls to produce and distribute cloth masks to businesses who wish to help keep their employees safe while ensuring the medical grade masks (i.e. N95) are reserved for our front-line workers. This new mission for SOOP Strategies brings us an immense amount of pride and purpose as we actively join the fight against COVID-19. More information to come very soon.

Take care and stay safe,

Sabrina and the SOOP Team

Our clients help us to improve and strive for more.

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